Picture of Porch


Augie, a seasoned artist whose musical journey has been shaped by a diverse array of influences from across the musical spectrum. From an early age, Augie found his calling amidst the depths of the indie punk and hardcore scene, immersing himself in its raw energy and fervor. Having honed his craft as a guitarist and gaining invaluable experience as a member of a band for a decade after graduating high school, Augie delved into the realms of recording and music production, acquiring a wealth of knowledge that would prove instrumental in his future endeavors. Years later, this wealth of expertise seamlessly transitioned into a solo project, where Augie unveiled his true artistic prowess in the hip-hop genre. His commanding stage presence, coupled with his ability to deliver intricate flows and powerful bars with an authentic and electrifying energy, sets him apart as a captivating performer. Augie’s musical journey extends far beyond the stage; it is a constant exploration and reinvention of his artistry. He fearlessly ventures into new realms, always bringing a refreshing perspective to each creative pursuit. His unwavering commitment to his musical vision, coupled with a profound sense of self-awareness, serves as a conscious reminder to never abandon one’s aspirations. With Augie, audiences are not simply spectators but participants in an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting imprint, resonating with the soul and reinforcing the belief in oneself.

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