On April 27, homes all over the Tower District will open their porches and front yards for the neighborhood’s largest community-wide celebration, Tower Porchfest! Last year we had 60 porches with over 130 performances. There were over 5,000 views of the interactive map and our Social Media grew to 3,700+ followers (and counting).

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On behalf of the Tower Porchfest Committee, please consider sponsoring this awesome event!


Tower Porchfest is a 100% volunteer-run event. All proceeds go toward putting the event on and ensuring the day goes smoothly. Expenses include getting the necessary insurance, permits, and infrastructure for a large community-wide event of this nature.

If we find ourselves with extra funds, they will go toward our mission of ‘building community in the Tower District through music and art’. We are providing a grant to Heaton Elementary so they can purchase musical instruments. We will continue to partner with Creative Fresno to provide funds to youth arts and culture groups to foster creativity in this community into the future.

Our fiscal sponsor is Creative Fresno. As a non-profit 501c3, all donations are tax-deductible through them. They help provide oversight to the funds that the community entrusts us with and we value transparency in how funds are collected and spent.


Checks should be made out to “Creative Fresno” (our non-profit fiscal sponsor, donations are tax deductible) and mailed to: 1581 N. Wishon Ave, Fresno 93728. If you would like to make a payment online we can send an electronic payment link.

Send a high-res logo to towerporchfest@gmail.com. And let us know if you plan to host a porch – either at your business or at your home. We need porch lineups by March 1st so we can get all of the band names on the back of our first ever T-shirt!